“‘Happy’ Never Laughed Again”


Today I was reminded of the time when my oldest daughter Nicole was about 2 years old, and we gave her a baby doll named “Happy Baby” for her birthday. Every time Happy was jiggled a little bit, Happy laughed and giggled, and so did Nicole.

Nicole LOVED that doll and carried it with her everywhere. She would grab Happy by the hair and bump Happy’s butt on the floor to make Happy laugh, then Nicole would laugh. It was the cutest thing EVAR. This went on all day everyday. She had such fun with her little Happy doll.


One day, Nicole decided that happy needed a bath and a diaper change. So, she dunked Happy in the toilet first for her “bath” (maybe because she couldn’t reach the sink or figure out the bathtub), then she coated Happy in Vaseline and then covered her in cornstarch. She was SO proud of giving her Happy Baby “a bath”.

Nicole loved Happy SO much, but now she couldn’t play with her all greased up and covered in potty water and cornstarch. Happy looked unsalvageable for sure,  but I just had to figure out how to fix this for my baby girl.  So I washed Happy with degreaser and hung her on the line outside to dry.

Oh my goodness – Never did I even THINK of the trauma it would cause for poor little Nicole to see her doll hanging by clothespins on the clothesline!!! THAT was a terrible horrible no good very bad day.

Even with new batteries and my attempt at making Happy look her best again, Happy Baby didn’t laugh anymore. Realizing that I could not salvage Happy (once she finally dried out), and how sad Nicole was, I went right out and bought a brand new Happy doll for Nicole – just like the old one. But Nicole never liked her new Happy Baby, nor did she ever even play with her. Then “I” was sad. I guess it just wasn’t the same as her old naked Happy with the messed up hair.

And the new Happy Baby? Sad to say, she was laid to rest in the bottom of the toy box.


As a mom, you win some, and you lose some. Thankfully, everyone can move on to other things that are just as “happy” for all. 🙂


A Typical Day with My Girls….


Anytime you need to commiserate about kid stuff, I can definitely come up with one of our family’s attempts at a remedy.

One time, when our girls were about 15 and 13, I was in their room just letting them have it about the disaster that their room had become. I mean the clothes on the floor with those two was like 2 feet deep (literally). I could not stand it any longer. I went in their room ready to give my (almost) daily lecture. The more I looked around, the more upset I got.

messy room

I walked through the mess (stepping over everything under the sun) and finally made my way to the bathroom. I discovered things growing in there that I never even imagined existed. I was so so upset. It was at this point that I heard them snickering behind my back. Snickering? SNICKERING??? NOW I was LIVID!

I got louder and madder, and they LAUGHED louder and harder! In the middle of my rant, I shouted, “This is NOT ONE BIT FUNNY!! And if you know what’s good for you…..”, and about that time one of the girls (trying SO hard to stop herself from laughing) said, “Mom (pause) …..it’s just that…. (pause) the back of your dress is all stuck up inside of your panty hose!”

Then ALL 3 OF US were laughing (RFLOL) – out of control belly laughing……..WITH my underwear showing.

Humble pie anyone?

#totallyexposed #goodtimes

“When the Children Were Little” – The Banana Suit Man



I am reminded me of the time when the kids were little and we were driving around Montrose where we had just moved to from Spring.

In Houston, TX, the town of Spring back then was pretty redneck (as we say in Southeast TX), and Montrose was widely known for being pretty much a gay community.

I decided to move there from Spring because I worked at Exxon downtown, and driving 3 hours a day was killing my back. This way, I was only 1 mile from my job. As you can imagine, it was quite a culture shock for the children especially.

So, one day while we were driving down Montrose Blvd., I looked at the kids and said, “So is everyone liking it here better now?” Liz (10 years old) said, “Mom, there is a man standing on the corner in a banana costume, and you ask us that question”? I said, “Ok never mind. I guess I’ll ask again in a couple of months.”

I tried to contain it, but I laughed. Yes I hate to say it, but I COULDN’T HELP IT!  It was SO funny for her little self to say that to me. Poor little things.  I’m certain that in their little minds that they thought mommy had lost hers.


“OCD” Mom


Instantly Cured

Oh my. If you are OCD, and longing for the day when your child begins to “clean like you do”…..I hate to burst your bubble – but let me just go ahead and warn you now.

Back in the day, when I was a single mom of 3 children, I used to be like that (completely OCD about housecleaning/organizing, etc.), and it drove my kids crazy. It was to the point that we literally ended up bickering our way through several therapy sessions ($$$) over it.

Woman working from home, three kids playing in background

The children (all under 12) told the therapist how I was “driving them crazy” with constant housecleaning, and harassing them to do the same. After all, these little “apples” did fall from my tree!

Nevertheless, one day, my precious middle child was invited to be on the 6 o’clock news to be interviewed for getting a Big Sister with Big Brothers and Big Sisters of America. When the news anchor asked her what she likes to do for fun, THIS is what she told the entire viewing audience of Houston, Texas (in her sweetest most innocent little girl voice): “We don’t have a lot of things to do because we’re usually so busy cleaning house.” 😦

Surely, feeling like they had misunderstood her, they asked a SECOND time to clarify. And the second time, she said the exact same thing AGAIN!!!

I was INSTANTLY cured of MY problem :/