My MRI Experience

Thank you all very much for your prayers and encouragement. During the 2 hours of lying flat on my back, only able to move my head, I desperately tried to think of things to do to make the time pass.

In my mind, among the different things I tried, I wrote a blog, I created a FB group page, I thought of names for the page, made up an entire Zumba routine to the 8 count of the MRI machine, I prayed for people I knew, I prayed for sleep (which never came), I imagined how good it would feel to get out in the heat to defrost myself from being in this meat locker, and I practiced relaxation breathing. It was SO stinkin’ cold in there I actually PRAYED FOR HOT FLASHES! And then I counted sheep.

I even laughed (all by myself) about the time I told my husband to count sheep one night when he was having trouble sleeping. He said he couldn’t do it. I asked why, and he said because he didn’t know what to do with the sheep once they got over the fence. I said, “What do you mean you don’t know what to do with them?” He said, “I don’t know, the sheep kept piling up on the other side and it became such a big mess that it was stressing me out”!

My sheep just go over. They don’t land. They just go over. That’s it. They just go over.

So back to the procedure.

  1. Usually I only need meds if they put my ‘whole’ body in “feet first” (no idea why), so I didn’t ask the doctor for anything.
  2. I didn’t know it was going to last for 2 hours until I got there and freaked.
  3. Not 1 blanket available for me – she “just sent them all off with laundry guy”. What??
  4. She offered “A” sheet. One sheet. And she didn’t even know what to do with THAT one. I ended up using 5 sheets (placed on me by my own self btw) and still froze.
  5. I asked for a bolster to put under my knees to take the pressure off of my back. Oops! No bolsters. She clumsily tried to improvise by using some cold square plastic things that she found on a shelf. She was having so much trouble trying to rig it up, I had to help her figure it out (along with folding my own sheets to support my back), while ON my back.
  6. Lying on my back for 2 hours was hurting so bad. Then when I had so so much trouble getting up afterward (and she full well saw (and heard) me struggling), she never offered to help me in any way. She said, “Be careful – you’re high up!” Oh, really?? Wow. Yeah. Thanks for letting me know.
  7. Then she says, “Did you sleep”? No. I cannot sleep to the sound of a jackhammer while I’m freezing to death, I have to pee, and my back feels like it’s breaking.


TIPS for MRI of the feet (learned the hard way):

  1. Dress like you are going to visit North Pole, AK. You can always remove clothes if you have too much, but you can’t make more clothes appear out of nowhere if you’re cold.
  2. When you drive up to the place and there are no cars out front – LEAVE.
  3. When you get inside and there is only 1 person in the whole place (who doesn’t seem the least bit confident) LEAVE
  4. If you stayed anyway, and they offer you reading material for the procedure, and the magazines weigh a pound a piece, AND there’s no light to read by anyway, – DECLINE – what’s the point.
  5. Don’t look at the clock because every time you do it will STILL say 1:30.
  6. Bring a hairbrush. The only thing you can move during the procedure is your head, which will insure a “rats nest” bigger than anything you can ever imagine.
  7. Since the table is not even as wide as you are, you will definitely need to find a way to keep your arms from falling off the table. May I suggest tucking your thumbs under your butt – that works. Or, wear a belt and tuck your hands just inside. That works until your bladder gets full, then go back to thumbs under the butt.
  8. IF you have bobby pins in your hair, which will likely be lying on the table when you get up (from all the head turning), grab them as fast as you can, or they will magically fly through the air and attach themselves to the inside of the MRI machine! (I’m not kidding). When  you get your bobby pins OUT of the machine, DON’T set them down again because they WILL fly right back into the machine and reattach themselves to the wall yet again – probably the most interesting thing about the whole procedure.

Your welcome.


Careening Through the Woods


Today, I went to lunch and noticed 2 Fire Marshall’s inside of the restaurant. I wanted to introduce myself and thank them for their service. I was so nervous (being such an introvert and all), but I did it anyway. Go me!

I told them that I wanted to thank them very much for their service. I told them that Bobby was my son. They were very surprised, and so happy to meet me.

They were so warm and kind. They thanked me for introducing myself. They asked me how I was doing several times. They said they were so happy to meet me. After walking away, one of them even came back and asked me what I did for Mother’s Day. Wasn’t that sweet?

On the way home, I was thinking about our conversation when I realized that I did something for Mother’s Day that I’d never done in my LIFE, and it was actually something Bobby would have really really enjoyed.

I went careening through the woods on a Polaris UTV, smashing down small trees and big fallen branches.

woodsI was a human windshield as we were ducking and weaving under hanging branches; stopping every once in a while to check out streams, nature, cool rocks, and old stuff…..even an old house with bats!

Bobby would have loved it! – Especially the crazy driving part and smashing stuff up with big boy toys. 😉


A Hole in My Heart


Just one of those days when I am quiet, and I don’t want to talk

The tears are there, I’m about to burst, I don’t even want to walk

I don’t want to cry because if I start, it may go on all day non stop

What’s the use, it doesn’t help, so again…on the couch…I flop

The days are getting longer, and loneliness doesn’t describe

The pain, heartache, and sadness, that lingers so deep inside

A heartache I can feel in my bones that just won’t go away

There at night when I go to sleep, and back again the next day

I just want to feel good again, is that really too much to ask

To live my life quite happily instead of dreading every task

I just as well go back to sleep, because nothing else feels right

A few more hours in the bed, to add to the ones I slept last night

I’ll take a nap, I tell myself, that will help the hours go by

But I’d rather be doing something with my life or feel like I can at least try

I don’t tell people how I feel, there’s just no way to explain

It’s a hurt no human hand can touch, especially those to blame

The hurt is so deep I shy away, so I don’t get hurt anymore

But again I’m doing nothing at all, alone behind closed doors.

Stinking thinking is back again, my mind’s like a jungle up there

Trying to distract myself from time, wishing for a kind of prayer

A prayer that would reach the heavens above, with an answer on it’s way

Telling me how to get my happy back and live a brighter day.


My Christmas Present to YOU!




Written by: Cydnee Green

This is no joke ladies.  I wrote this because I have lived it. Please read, and keep these words in mind.

This is not written to scare you. It’s written to keep you SAFE, and ALIVE. No one wants to imagine that they can be a CRIME VICTIM. But it CAN happen to YOU.

Trust me – I know from my own personal experience. It can. And it did.

Crooks are PROFESSIONALS. Their full-time “job” is ROBBING YOU! This is literally what they do for a living, and they are well rehearsed at it just like you are on your daily job.

Before becoming a victim of crime, I had this idea that crime was something that you see on TV, or read about in the newspaper with “other” people. I did NOT think that it was something that could actually happen to ME. This, my friends, is what I call – “WRONG THINKING”.  Hopefully because I am someone you actually DO know, this will resonate with you better than it did with me before I became a victim.

These are my “STAY-SAFE” TIPS for you that I have learned.

  1. PRAY God’s protection over yourself BEFORE you go out shopping.

2. WALK BRISKLY through the parking lots, (especially if you are alone), otherwise you are an easy target.

3. DO NOT BE TALKING on your CELL!!!  This makes you a VERY easy target. Crooks see that you are distracted. This makes you “easy prey”. Nothing is THAT important.

4. LOOK people ‘in the eye’ while walking past them. Just look and observe.

5. BE AWARE and ALERT of your surroundings at all times (Literally turn your head around) while your walking. Notice who’s around and behind you. Crooks don’t want you to notice them. Also they look just like “normal people”….. No mask, nothing.

6. DO NOT carry a purse. Oh, “but I NEED my purse!”  No you don’t. You CAN shop without one. YOUR PURSE is ‘usually’ what they are after. Why tempt a crook?

7. PUT YOUR MONEY and/or credit card IN YOUR BRA -OR- YOUR BOOT!  I’m not even kidding – Especially during the holiday season.

8. If you do take your purse ANYWAY, and the robbers DEMAND your purse (gun or no gun), THROW your purse BEHIND THEM so they will have to go after it, and you can RUN the other way. REMEMBER: It’s very hard to shoot at AND HIT a moving target.

9. While ON YOUR WAY BACK TO YOUR CAR – Be sure to check in, around, and under your car “before” you get back in it after shopping. Does anything look suspicious?  If so, DON’T GET IN. Get help!  (Yes, crooks can hide under your car too.)

10. Also as you are walking back to your car, WATCH for cars passing by you driving very slowly.  Robbers don’t always come on foot. Mine came by car.  Look them in the eye as they approach or pass you by. Don’t be uncomfortable with it – Let THEM be uncomfortable with it. This may encourage them to just keep going so as not to be identified later.

11. When you DO get back into your car, YOU ARE STILL NOT SAFE – UNTIL… your doors are locked, AND your car is IN MOTION.  Crooks can car jack you sitting still (even if doors are locked). And they do.

12. ALWAYS load your purchases IN THE TRUNK. This gives you more than one way to escape, should someone come up from behind you to rob you. If they do, RUN RUN RUN to whichever side that you can get to first. IF they somehow manage to push you into the trunk (FIGHT FOR YOUR LIFE first – gun or no gun). If they DO manage to put you in the trunk, and there is no “release”, kick out a tail light and wave frantically.

13. DO NOT LOAD CAR FROM YOUR SIDE DOOR.  When you load from the side door, and a robber comes behind you, you are hemmed in, it becomes almost impossible for you to escape. If the robber tries to push you into the the car, you fight, kick, punch, slide down onto the ground and EVEN try to crawl UNDER THE CAR. They don’t want a scene where they might get caught.

14. DO EVERYTHING POSSIBLE to STAY OUT OF THAT CAR – Even if they DO have a gun. DO NOT LET THEM GET YOU INTO THAT CAR.  IF they ARE going to shoot you, your chances of survival are much better getting shot right there in the store parking lot (where there are people around), than they are in SOME REMOTE LOCATION WHERE THERE IS NO ONE AROUND.

15. Crime Scene #2 IS ALWAYS WORSE than Crime scene #1. If they take you someplace else, some remote location (Crime Scene #2), the outcome can be MUCH MUCH WORSE.  Your chances of survival are slim to none. There are also much worse things that can happen at Crime Scene #2 besides getting shot. I had a friend who ended up at Crime Scene #2, and you don’t want to be that person.

16. IF you have children with you, talk to them before you get out of the car.  I used to tell mine, “Don’t dawdle in parking lots.” “Lets go quick!”  If they asked why, I just told them, “Because it is safer, and safety is good.”

17. I almost ALWAYS at least ask if there is a “security person” who can either walk with me to my car, or if closer, watch me walk to my car (especially if I am alone). Store managers are usually VERY accommodating.

18. FOR the MEN out and about this season – Keep a “special” money clip in your pocket, with a $50 or $100 bill in it with the dollar amount clipThis way, if they say, “Give me all your MONEY”, you can hold up your (special) clip with the BIG bill showing, then throw it behind them so you can get away or do whatever you gotta do.

19. Practice these TIPS with your family if you can, or AT LEAST read this often. Make these things “clear in your mind” BEFORE you go out shopping. We learn by repetition.

20. Remember………. Criminals are professionals, and they go to “WORK” EVERY DAY just like you do. The only thing different in their job and yours is that THEY ROB PEOPLE FOR A LIVING. This is how they support themselves.  It’s very important to them for survival, just like your job is to you for your family’s survival.

YOU are not the expert on finding them.  THEY are the expert on finding you – and I am hoping that “my gift to you” will be helpful in keeping your family safe this holiday season.


P.S. A note from my friend, Theresa ……. Don’t forget about the RED panic button on your remote!

If you have a need – Sow a seed


Do you have a need in your life that you want God to meet?

Any need – big or small?

I for one am not ashamed to admit that I have so many needs in my life. I have emotional needs, physical needs, needs for healing, spiritual needs, and family relationships. Some of you may have similar needs, and some may have very different needs. But, everyone has needs of one sort or another.

Have you ever heard of this?  If you have a need, sow a seed? I used this principle in my own life today. I knew that God would reward me because I know that we can’t out give God.

2 Corinthians 9:6 says, “Remember this: Whoever sows sparingly will also reap sparingly, and whoever sows generously will also reap generously.”

When we face difficulties, it’s easy to become ingrown, to where all we think about is my problem, my illness, my hurt, my bills, or my loneliness. As long as we’re only focused on ourselves, we’ll get stuck where we are.  In our time of need, we have to learn to sow a seed.

The way to get what you want is by giving away what you need. If you need happiness, don’t sit around in self-pity, go out and make somebody else happy. God will use that “seed” to bring you happiness. (Sow happiness – reap happiness)

I realize that this goes against human nature, but when God sees you getting outside of yourself, when He sees you being good to somebody even though you’re struggling, that’s the seed God will use to bring a harvest back into your own life.

When you reach out to others, the seed you sow will come back to you.

Luke 6:38 says, “Give, and it will be given to you. A good measure, pressed down, shaken together and running over, will be poured into your lap. For with the measure you use, it will be measured to you.”

Every day, I have needs.  We all do (some more than others) but we all do.  God doesn’t care how big or how small, He wants to meet your every need.

Over the past week or so, I was made aware of the injustices being imposed on the Pastors in the Houston area by Mayor Annise Parker.  I wanted to help protect the Kingdom in any way that I could. Governor Mike Huckabee (a Christian), suggested that we all send the mayor a copy of the Bible. Listening to wise counsel, I did it.

Since Bobby died, I have not been able to leave the house except mostly for necessities, and that was only if Harold was not able to do it for me. I have been isolating due to the tremendous traumas that I suffered last year.

I am convinced that because of the prayers of others and prayers of my own, that God gave me the strength and courage to get out of the house today (feeling good all the while) to do something for Him.  I was so happy to do it.  It was good to feel good for a change. I wanted to sow a seed for my need.

While at the post office, as I was standing in line, I noticed that the young man in front of me had on a navy t-shirt with the number 68 on it. It stood out to me because that was Bobby’s Fire Station number.  I mustered up the courage to speak to him, and asked if he was a firefighter. He said no, that he was a police officer.

(I had promised myself since Bobby died that I would try to thank every single police officer, firefighter, and military service member that I see for the courageous work that they do.)

Then I noticed that Bobby’s name was on his sleeve. I mentioned to him that Bobby was my son. It turned out that this young man was the brother-in-law of the fiance of Anne Sullivan (the girl who died with Bobby in the fire). And the girl standing in front of this young police officer was the sister of Anne’s fiance Dan.  And this girl (Dan’s sister) is good friends with my daughter Nicole (who hasn’t spoken to me since Bobby died for I don’t know the reason to this day). And come to find out, my daughter Nicole, had sold this young police officer his (Station #68) t-shirt. AND he and I were wearing the same Station #68 bracelet!  Now what are the chances of THAT – in ALL of this humongous city of Houston?!?!

This young man began to tell me his story of that horrific day, May 31, 2013. He just happened to be with Anne’s (the deceased’s) husband driving down the freeway and saw the smoke from the fire. They knew that this could have been Anne’s station at the scene of the fire, so they headed toward the fire. As they were driving toward the fire, they got a call to go home immediately, that Anne had died in the fire.

This young police officer told me that he was witness to his brother-in-law becoming hysterical and his tremendous suffering on that day. He told me that he didn’t know what to do. He began to tell me how helpless he felt. I told him how sorry I was that he had to go through that situation and how I felt for him. I tried to reassure him that just being there for comfort was all he could have done. That really is all you can do.  I could tell that he really needed to say his story to someone. I was happy to listen, even though it was hard. I was able to share with him how I found out and he was able to hear me as well.

THEN the lady 3 people in front of me heard us talking, and said that she also knew Anne Sullivan personally. By this time I was in tears at the goodness of God, and I wasn’t even finished sewing my seed!! This lady came and gave me the biggest hug and told me she was sorry and that she would pray for me and she said, “God bless you, I’m so sorry”.

You see, God knew that this is a HUGE need that I have – for people to know my story and understand the grief that I feel on a pretty regular basis. Anne’s future sister-in-law and I were able to talk about how we still get triggered by different things, songs, something someone says, a particular place, a photo, and how our grief comes up all over again, like the very day that the accident happened. This sharing was once again another small piece to my healing – like a soothing gel that God poured over my still open wound. How great is He for that?

I can’t even count how many blessings I received just today (in one day!),  just by simply sowing a seed. I wasn’t even up to the post office counter yet, and God was blessing me more than I could even imagine – exceedingly and abundantly even more than I could ask or think.

If you have a need – sow a seed 🙂

Ladies! You will Love this!


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Now THIS I LOVE!  Almost everyone has a cabinet like this in their bathroom under the sink.  I, for one, want to have a clean countertop in my bathroom that is not completely cluttered with the items you see here. With this product, everything is stored neatly and handily out of sight.

Look how well it’s made – check out the dove tailing on the drawer.  NO MORE UNSIGHTLY CORDS HANGING DOWN TOO!  Isn’t this much more peaceful than looking at all of these appliances and products on your countertop?

I mean, let’s face it. Most people feel better in a neat and tidy home. Sometimes life gets hectic and/or difficult; and it’s at those times especially, that I appreciate “the little things”.  This is definitely one of those items for me. I love sharing great ideas, and I just wanted you to see this!

It is a tiny bit pricey, but I cannot put a price on my peace! 🙂

This drawer will help you to do the following:

  • Manage clutter and tangled cords
  • Safely store hot irons
  • Glide out of cabinet for full access
  • Install simply, with NO carpenter needed
See ratings and product reviews 5 of 5 stars!  Also take a look at the FAQ’s to see more precise details of hole sizes and such.

Product Details

  • Product Dimensions: 19 x 10 x 7 inches ; 17 pounds
  • Shipping Weight: 19 pounds
  • Item model number: HA-3B
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