Gratitude – A visitation – and a bear


I Had a Dream Last Night

Does anyone remember the storybooks about the Berenstein Bears?  I used to read them to my children when they were little.  The kids loved them.  Bobby loved them . And of course, Bobby was one of the little ones in my lap as I read the storybooks to him and his sisters.

[As some of you know, last year I lost my only son, Bobby, in a fire.  He was a 29 year old Firefighter here in Houston].

berenstein bears

So, this past week has been an almost intolerable week of grief over the loss of my Bobby.  The pain was so intense, it was as if it had just happened all over again. Something apparently triggered it, and it went on for 3 or 4 days.  I badly needed for it to lift.

Early this morning in my dreams something very rare and wonderful happened. I got a gift that only God can give.

In my dream, I was the Mama bear in the Berenstein Bear family, my husband was the Daddy bear, and Bobby was the little Brother bear.

The three of us were just quietly walking along, Dad in front, and Bobby (little boy bear) and I behind.  I (Mama Bear) was driving a little peddle car, when something happened that had never happened to me before – even in real life, that made me spring up out of bed!

The little boy bear (whom I recognized to be Bobby) was there, walking behind his dad, and alongside me; with his little bear hand on my back, guiding me ever so gently and lovingly as I steered my little peddle car.

I could literally see and feel Bobby’s real life presence, with his hand placed firmly in the middle of my back, I felt his gentle guiding of me, and I could feeeeel his most tender love and care for me in that sweet moment just before I awoke.

Bobby visited me.  It was real.  And I am grateful.

God is good.