Bio: Welcome to my blog! I'm new to the blogging world, and I already find it quite therapeutic and fun. I can see how new relationships/friendships can be formed, and how my world can suddenly becomes much larger. Being selective in my relationships is a relatively new thing that I am enjoying very much. Unconditional love is unconditional love. If you love me, you will love me. If you don't love me, you won't treat me as if you do. Love is an action, not a verb. That is my simple version of something people often like to complicate. Love doesn't hurt. That's it. Many of my posts deal with the topics of paint and grief (simply because, this is the latest hand I've been dealt). However, even in the midst of pain, I'm still all about the fun. Trying to find the humor in things lessens my suffering, and I am good with that. My desires here are to 1) continue writing poetry, 2) write stories, 3) have some laughs (as laughter truly IS the best medicine), 3) to communicate with others who can relate, and 4) maybe help others understand that they can have joy even in the midst of pain. I'm an introvert by nature, but most people say that they would never have known it. I have learned how to make it work in a crowd or a work situation, but once I'm back home, I literally crash! Even though I enjoy being with others, it just takes a lot out of me. It's a good thing that my husband and I are both introverts; we can crash together at the end of the evening 🙂 Ahhhhh. I have two puppies. One is a female Cavapoo (Lexi Grace), and one is a male Chilear (Charlie). They are completely opposite as far as personalities go. They are both 3 years old. I think Charlie has ADD, but he is adorable and just the sweetest and very eager to please. Lexi is a lap dog that would be happy if I carried her in a baby sling all day. "Ain't nobody got time fo dat"! I am happily married for 19 years to Harold Green. He is the best thing (in addition to giving birth to 4 children) that has ever happened to me. I am forever grateful to God for picking Harold to be the head of our family. Harold has never been married before, and has had biological children of his own. He has been the best stepfather to my 4 children. As an added plus, Harold is 11 years younger than I am 😉 God knew it would take someone who could 'hit the ground running' after marrying into our family of 5! I'm just happy that Harold survived our blended family. Lord knows that this was a feat in and of itself! Harold and I are on the "empty nester" journey together. We are finally able (for the very first time since we were married) to truly discover each other and our lives together after children. Our house is empty, yet it is full. It's kind of weird, but extremely welcomed. I have two grandchildren, Logan and Lorelei, who are the apples of my eye. Oh my goodness. A grandparent's love knows no bounds - and they know it too! What happens at MiMi's house, stays at MiMi's house, and THAT is the Golden Rule 🙂 I am a follower of Jesus and believe in His every Word. I do my best to live by them every day. Let's go on this journey together!

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