“Karma, My Cajun Heritage, and the Chip Confession”



So, it must be a gift left to me from my Cajun heritage or something that I can eat just about anywhere; be it in a chair, at a table, on a bed, standing up, in the car, and am fine with it.

Harold, on the other hand NEEDS a table. We (“I”) always have a laugh when we are not at the table, as he struggles to get everything together without spilling food on himself, the couch, the floor, etc. He tolerates it, but it frustrates him to no end. By now, it’s just the joke of all jokes between us.

Last night, after a long day at work, we ended up eating some awesome sandwiches and chips in our hotel bed. So, we’re talking about the day and enjoying our food, when all of a sudden Harold’s bag of chips “leaked” a whole bunch of itty bitty chip crumbs on his side of the sheets.

Harold (like this was the first time it ever happened) gets totally frustrated at the sight of this mess on his side of the bed. But then, lo and behold, he just keeps eating! It’s hysterical to me that he just accepts it this time and keeps eating with that mess on his side of the bed (knowing that he is going to have to lie down in that later LOL). He MUST have been super tired.

Messages Image(85118182)

Soon enough, he gets up, gennntly lifts the sheets so he can swipe the chips off (still leaving a few remnants behind). Of course I’m laughing hysterically on the inside at this “deja vu”.

A few minutes later Harold decides to go get some yummy coffee from the coffee bar downstairs to go with our “Dulce du Leche” cheesecake (that I had bought earlier) for dessert.

While he was gone, it hit me. I thought, “How funny would it be to get some of those chip crumbs and sneak them ‘under’ the sheets on his side.” And so I did.

Later, when we were going to bed, he pulled back the covers and he could not believe that the chips had gotten all the way under the covers. He patiently cleaned it up again. I was dying on the inside trying to keep a straight face. He asked if I did it, and I denied the whole thing. This was fun! I tricked Harold! Yessss!

This morning he says with surprise, “You know, I thought that all of those chip crumbs might wake me up during the night, but I didn’t feel a thing!” I didn’t say a word.

A couple of hours later, I couldn’t stand it any longer. I made my confession. “Confession!” “What?” “Confession! I did it! I put the chips there! I did it and I can’t keep the secret anymore!” Harold laughs kind of like it’s funny and kind of like it’s not. [And, now he doesn’t trust me anymore.] 😦

But guess what woke ME up during the night?? CHIPS! On MY side of the bed!! (yawn)

The joke was on ME in the end!

My first and last “joke”. Ha. Ha.

“Heeeeere chippy chippy!” 🙂




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