Careening Through the Woods


Today, I went to lunch and noticed 2 Fire Marshall’s inside of the restaurant. I wanted to introduce myself and thank them for their service. I was so nervous (being such an introvert and all), but I did it anyway. Go me!

I told them that I wanted to thank them very much for their service. I told them that Bobby was my son. They were very surprised, and so happy to meet me.

They were so warm and kind. They thanked me for introducing myself. They asked me how I was doing several times. They said they were so happy to meet me. After walking away, one of them even came back and asked me what I did for Mother’s Day. Wasn’t that sweet?

On the way home, I was thinking about our conversation when I realized that I did something for Mother’s Day that I’d never done in my LIFE, and it was actually something Bobby would have really really enjoyed.

I went careening through the woods on a Polaris UTV, smashing down small trees and big fallen branches.

woodsI was a human windshield as we were ducking and weaving under hanging branches; stopping every once in a while to check out streams, nature, cool rocks, and old stuff…..even an old house with bats!

Bobby would have loved it! – Especially the crazy driving part and smashing stuff up with big boy toys. 😉