“‘Happy’ Never Laughed Again”


Today I was reminded of the time when my oldest daughter Nicole was about 2 years old, and we gave her a baby doll named “Happy Baby” for her birthday. Every time Happy was jiggled a little bit, Happy laughed and giggled, and so did Nicole.

Nicole LOVED that doll and carried it with her everywhere. She would grab Happy by the hair and bump Happy’s butt on the floor to make Happy laugh, then Nicole would laugh. It was the cutest thing EVAR. This went on all day everyday. She had such fun with her little Happy doll.


One day, Nicole decided that happy needed a bath and a diaper change. So, she dunked Happy in the toilet first for her “bath” (maybe because she couldn’t reach the sink or figure out the bathtub), then she coated Happy in Vaseline and then covered her in cornstarch. She was SO proud of giving her Happy Baby “a bath”.

Nicole loved Happy SO much, but now she couldn’t play with her all greased up and covered in potty water and cornstarch. Happy looked unsalvageable for sure,  but I just had to figure out how to fix this for my baby girl.  So I washed Happy with degreaser and hung her on the line outside to dry.

Oh my goodness – Never did I even THINK of the trauma it would cause for poor little Nicole to see her doll hanging by clothespins on the clothesline!!! THAT was a terrible horrible no good very bad day.

Even with new batteries and my attempt at making Happy look her best again, Happy Baby didn’t laugh anymore. Realizing that I could not salvage Happy (once she finally dried out), and how sad Nicole was, I went right out and bought a brand new Happy doll for Nicole – just like the old one. But Nicole never liked her new Happy Baby, nor did she ever even play with her. Then “I” was sad. I guess it just wasn’t the same as her old naked Happy with the messed up hair.

And the new Happy Baby? Sad to say, she was laid to rest in the bottom of the toy box.


As a mom, you win some, and you lose some. Thankfully, everyone can move on to other things that are just as “happy” for all. 🙂