A Typical Day with My Girls….


Anytime you need to commiserate about kid stuff, I can definitely come up with one of our family’s attempts at a remedy.

One time, when our girls were about 15 and 13, I was in their room just letting them have it about the disaster that their room had become. I mean the clothes on the floor with those two was like 2 feet deep (literally). I could not stand it any longer. I went in their room ready to give my (almost) daily lecture. The more I looked around, the more upset I got.

messy room

I walked through the mess (stepping over everything under the sun) and finally made my way to the bathroom. I discovered things growing in there that I never even imagined existed. I was so so upset. It was at this point that I heard them snickering behind my back. Snickering? SNICKERING??? NOW I was LIVID!

I got louder and madder, and they LAUGHED louder and harder! In the middle of my rant, I shouted, “This is NOT ONE BIT FUNNY!! And if you know what’s good for you…..”, and about that time one of the girls (trying SO hard to stop herself from laughing) said, “Mom (pause) …..it’s just that…. (pause) the back of your dress is all stuck up inside of your panty hose!”

Then ALL 3 OF US were laughing (RFLOL) – out of control belly laughing……..WITH my underwear showing.

Humble pie anyone?

#totallyexposed #goodtimes


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