A Hole in My Heart


Just one of those days when I am quiet, and I don’t want to talk

The tears are there, I’m about to burst, I don’t even want to walk

I don’t want to cry because if I start, it may go on all day non stop

What’s the use, it doesn’t help, so again…on the couch…I flop

The days are getting longer, and loneliness doesn’t describe

The pain, heartache, and sadness, that lingers so deep inside

A heartache I can feel in my bones that just won’t go away

There at night when I go to sleep, and back again the next day

I just want to feel good again, is that really too much to ask

To live my life quite happily instead of dreading every task

I just as well go back to sleep, because nothing else feels right

A few more hours in the bed, to add to the ones I slept last night

I’ll take a nap, I tell myself, that will help the hours go by

But I’d rather be doing something with my life or feel like I can at least try

I don’t tell people how I feel, there’s just no way to explain

It’s a hurt no human hand can touch, especially those to blame

The hurt is so deep I shy away, so I don’t get hurt anymore

But again I’m doing nothing at all, alone behind closed doors.

Stinking thinking is back again, my mind’s like a jungle up there

Trying to distract myself from time, wishing for a kind of prayer

A prayer that would reach the heavens above, with an answer on it’s way

Telling me how to get my happy back and live a brighter day.



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