Little Bobby – “The Entrepreneur”


“Little Bobby the Entrepreneur”

Little Bobby loved to make money. He loved to earn it, he loved to count it, he loved to save it, and THEN he learned to LOAN it! I did not teach him about loaning; and I especially didn’t teach him about loaning with interest. This little whiz kid learned THAT one all by himself.

Back in the day, “Blow Pops” were all the rage.  Kids everywhere loved Blow Pops. Bobby would constantly ask me to buy him some Blow Pops. When I had a little extra money, I would buy him a bag of Blow Pops at the store for about $1.25, and OH he was a happy camper!


I don’t know how long this had been going on; but one day, I found out that the little toot was taking his bag of Blow Pops to school and SELLING THEM ON THE PLAYGROUND for 25 cents a piece and making a profit! Then he would save the money. Then out of the money earned, he’d ask me if he could give me enough money to go buy another bag, and then he’d sell those too!  All the while Bobby was stockpiling his earnings.

boy counting money

His sisters (both older than Bobby) on the other hand, didn’t try to earn any extra money, and usually spent what they did have as soon as they got it. Therefore, they usually didn’t usually have any money at all.

Bobby was like their (in house) local savings and loan. They were constantly going to him to borrow money. So after a great deal of explaining (by the girls) as to why they needed the money, and after a great deal of explaining from Bobby (as to why they should have saved their ‘own’ money), he would usually end up giving them a “loan”.

With Bobby, just as with most local savings and loans, he collected interest off of the money loaned. He made sure that the girls had to give him back more than they borrowed. Mind you, one sister was 2 years older, and the other was 6 years older. Unbelievable.

Although Bobby was only in the 3rd grade, he clearly understood 5 things:

1) how to make money

2) how to save money

3) how to loan money

4) how to charge interest on money loaned

5) and collecting a debt.

And believe me, if the girls didn’t pay up on time, he made their lives miserable, AND threatened to never loan them money again. And then, the next time they wanted to borrow money, he made them work twice as hard to get it!  Bobby had a big heart, but he was not going to allow anyone to take advantage of it. And I didn’t blame him.

I wish I could say that I taught him these things, but good for him, he figured it all out on his own.

A little genius.




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