“When the Children Were Little” – The Banana Suit Man



I am reminded me of the time when the kids were little and we were driving around Montrose where we had just moved to from Spring.

In Houston, TX, the town of Spring back then was pretty redneck (as we say in Southeast TX), and Montrose was widely known for being pretty much a gay community.

I decided to move there from Spring because I worked at Exxon downtown, and driving 3 hours a day was killing my back. This way, I was only 1 mile from my job. As you can imagine, it was quite a culture shock for the children especially.

So, one day while we were driving down Montrose Blvd., I looked at the kids and said, “So is everyone liking it here better now?” Liz (10 years old) said, “Mom, there is a man standing on the corner in a banana costume, and you ask us that question”? I said, “Ok never mind. I guess I’ll ask again in a couple of months.”

I tried to contain it, but I laughed. Yes I hate to say it, but I COULDN’T HELP IT!  It was SO funny for her little self to say that to me. Poor little things.  I’m certain that in their little minds that they thought mommy had lost hers.



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