A Typical Day with My Girls….


Anytime you need to commiserate about kid stuff, I can definitely come up with one of our family’s attempts at a remedy.

One time, when our girls were about 15 and 13, I was in their room just letting them have it about the disaster that their room had become. I mean the clothes on the floor with those two was like 2 feet deep (literally). I could not stand it any longer. I went in their room ready to give my (almost) daily lecture. The more I looked around, the more upset I got.

messy room

I walked through the mess (stepping over everything under the sun) and finally made my way to the bathroom. I discovered things growing in there that I never even imagined existed. I was so so upset. It was at this point that I heard them snickering behind my back. Snickering? SNICKERING??? NOW I was LIVID!

I got louder and madder, and they LAUGHED louder and harder! In the middle of my rant, I shouted, “This is NOT ONE BIT FUNNY!! And if you know what’s good for you…..”, and about that time one of the girls (trying SO hard to stop herself from laughing) said, “Mom (pause) …..it’s just that…. (pause) the back of your dress is all stuck up inside of your panty hose!”

Then ALL 3 OF US were laughing (RFLOL) – out of control belly laughing……..WITH my underwear showing.

Humble pie anyone?

#totallyexposed #goodtimes


A Hole in My Heart


Just one of those days when I am quiet, and I don’t want to talk

The tears are there, I’m about to burst, I don’t even want to walk

I don’t want to cry because if I start, it may go on all day non stop

What’s the use, it doesn’t help, so again…on the couch…I flop

The days are getting longer, and loneliness doesn’t describe

The pain, heartache, and sadness, that lingers so deep inside

A heartache I can feel in my bones that just won’t go away

There at night when I go to sleep, and back again the next day

I just want to feel good again, is that really too much to ask

To live my life quite happily instead of dreading every task

I just as well go back to sleep, because nothing else feels right

A few more hours in the bed, to add to the ones I slept last night

I’ll take a nap, I tell myself, that will help the hours go by

But I’d rather be doing something with my life or feel like I can at least try

I don’t tell people how I feel, there’s just no way to explain

It’s a hurt no human hand can touch, especially those to blame

The hurt is so deep I shy away, so I don’t get hurt anymore

But again I’m doing nothing at all, alone behind closed doors.

Stinking thinking is back again, my mind’s like a jungle up there

Trying to distract myself from time, wishing for a kind of prayer

A prayer that would reach the heavens above, with an answer on it’s way

Telling me how to get my happy back and live a brighter day.


“The Disappearing Act”


Shopping with Teenagers….

Wait until the day when you’ve been running non stop all day long, you can’t find the kids in the store because they think it’s cool (at that age) to disappear. And all you want to do is get home (usually because you’re starving and tired)!  Out of the blue, you finally get a glimpse of them about 9 checkouts down the row. Bingo!


Suddenly, before you even get a chance think (mostly because you’re in a panic that you are about to lose them again), you hold up the box of Tampons high up in the air and holler to them, “ARE THESE THE ONES???”


Disappearing act starts all over again.

Little Bobby – “The Entrepreneur”


“Little Bobby the Entrepreneur”

Little Bobby loved to make money. He loved to earn it, he loved to count it, he loved to save it, and THEN he learned to LOAN it! I did not teach him about loaning; and I especially didn’t teach him about loaning with interest. This little whiz kid learned THAT one all by himself.

Back in the day, “Blow Pops” were all the rage.  Kids everywhere loved Blow Pops. Bobby would constantly ask me to buy him some Blow Pops. When I had a little extra money, I would buy him a bag of Blow Pops at the store for about $1.25, and OH he was a happy camper!


I don’t know how long this had been going on; but one day, I found out that the little toot was taking his bag of Blow Pops to school and SELLING THEM ON THE PLAYGROUND for 25 cents a piece and making a profit! Then he would save the money. Then out of the money earned, he’d ask me if he could give me enough money to go buy another bag, and then he’d sell those too!  All the while Bobby was stockpiling his earnings.

boy counting money

His sisters (both older than Bobby) on the other hand, didn’t try to earn any extra money, and usually spent what they did have as soon as they got it. Therefore, they usually didn’t usually have any money at all.

Bobby was like their (in house) local savings and loan. They were constantly going to him to borrow money. So after a great deal of explaining (by the girls) as to why they needed the money, and after a great deal of explaining from Bobby (as to why they should have saved their ‘own’ money), he would usually end up giving them a “loan”.

With Bobby, just as with most local savings and loans, he collected interest off of the money loaned. He made sure that the girls had to give him back more than they borrowed. Mind you, one sister was 2 years older, and the other was 6 years older. Unbelievable.

Although Bobby was only in the 3rd grade, he clearly understood 5 things:

1) how to make money

2) how to save money

3) how to loan money

4) how to charge interest on money loaned

5) and collecting a debt.

And believe me, if the girls didn’t pay up on time, he made their lives miserable, AND threatened to never loan them money again. And then, the next time they wanted to borrow money, he made them work twice as hard to get it!  Bobby had a big heart, but he was not going to allow anyone to take advantage of it. And I didn’t blame him.

I wish I could say that I taught him these things, but good for him, he figured it all out on his own.

A little genius.



“When the Children Were Little” – The Banana Suit Man



I am reminded me of the time when the kids were little and we were driving around Montrose where we had just moved to from Spring.

In Houston, TX, the town of Spring back then was pretty redneck (as we say in Southeast TX), and Montrose was widely known for being pretty much a gay community.

I decided to move there from Spring because I worked at Exxon downtown, and driving 3 hours a day was killing my back. This way, I was only 1 mile from my job. As you can imagine, it was quite a culture shock for the children especially.

So, one day while we were driving down Montrose Blvd., I looked at the kids and said, “So is everyone liking it here better now?” Liz (10 years old) said, “Mom, there is a man standing on the corner in a banana costume, and you ask us that question”? I said, “Ok never mind. I guess I’ll ask again in a couple of months.”

I tried to contain it, but I laughed. Yes I hate to say it, but I COULDN’T HELP IT!  It was SO funny for her little self to say that to me. Poor little things.  I’m certain that in their little minds that they thought mommy had lost hers.