A Pity Party


A Party of One


“Pity Parties” are no fun; they are only held for a party of one.

One in a room all alone with their thoughts.

Fighting a battle that doesn’t need to be fought.

Today is a hard day.  I don’t know why.

I certainly didn’t go looking for it. I just want to cry.

Something just happened and I didn’t get my way.

Felt rejected, saw sad pics, heard sad news today.

Asked for what I needed, and didn’t get it.

Here came the tears. Felt like a child, now quit it!

Out of control. More tears. Hard to stop.

Too focused inward. That’s the problem I’ve got.

This isn’t a place where I want to be.

How did I get here so suddenly?

A moment ago I thought I was fine.

I’ve got it!  I don’t feel well!  It’ll get better with time.

It’s just harder on days when I don’t feel my best.

Ok, I’ll go with that. I’ll read, write, or take a rest.

That’s what I’ll do. Take special care of me.

“Pity Party” over.

No more self pity.

shy face


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