Little Bobby – Counting Out Lunch Money!


“Little Bobby Counts Out Lunch Money”

My Bobby has 3 sisters.  One sister was 2 years older, and the other was 6 years older, and the third sister (who came along later ) was 10 years younger. Bobby was “the Lone Ranger” in a house full of girls. Sometimes trying to get a word in could be difficult, so he did the only thing he could do – outsmart!

When Bobby was 6 years old his sisters were then 12 and 10.  In the early mornings, in our usual rush before school and work, I would put their lunch money on the kitchen table. I would always remind them to come and get their lunch money before leaving. I didn’t have time to separate it all out into 3 portions. As a single mom, there just never seemed to be enough time in a day for me, and the children had to learn how to do a lot of things on their own.

bobby lunch money

This particular morning, a few minutes after putting the lunch money on the table, I heard the biggest commotion in the kitchen. I was on my way to the kitchen to see what was going on with all of the ruckus. I guess little Bobby had been growing more and more frustrated; and tired of the hassle that he was witnessing – yet again – while the girls tried to divvy up lunch money with no success (a sight he witnessed often).

About the time I walked in, I heard little Bobby shout “Girls! Girls! HERE!”

With 3 swipes of his little hand, he perfectly divided the lunch money into 3 equal portions. The girls said, “Wow! How’d you do that???”

Little Bobby just stood there with the proudest little grin on his face. No answer – just a cute little grin. 🙂



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