Why We Cry………..Trying Not To Cry


Trying Not To Cry

Sometimes, it’s just not cool to let the tears flow — you are trying to put up a brave face while accompanying a loved one to a medical treatment, for instance. Or your boss has just told you your hours will be cut in half.

What to do?  Here’s some expert advice:

1.  Try to postpone the cry but don’t cancel it altogether. Suppression isn’t good.

2.  Excuse yourself, find an appropriate place, and cry.

3.  If you can’t leave the situation, postpone the cry and stem   the tears with a positive distraction.  It would depend on the person and the situation, but one suggestion is to watch a funny video. If you’re in the middle of a doctor’s office, you might grab a magazine and read.



Adapted from: http://www.webmd.com/balance/features/why-we-cry-the-truth-about-tearing-up

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