Why We Cry……….Crying Out Loud: Who’s Most Likely?


Crying Out Loud: Who’s Most Likely?

Women tend to cry more than men do, most experts concur. Women have more permission to cry. To some degree it’s changing. But not entirely. It’s still viewed by many, particularly men, as a sign of weakness.


When it comes to crying habits, the population as a whole is on a spectrum, experts say, with some crying easily and others rarely. Experts aren’t exactly sure why, though temperament probably plays a role. Some people are just more prone to crying. Others ignore or are not as fazed by certain things [that provoke tears in criers].

People with a history of trauma have been found to cry more. That’s especially true if they dwell on that past.  If you keep referring back to the past of trauma or emotional pain, it will generate more feelings of hurt.’

Study shows that women who report anxiety, as well as those who are extroverted and empathetic, are more likely to say they feel comfortable crying.

empathetic to crying people

Adapted from: http://www.webmd.com/balance/features/why-we-cry-the-truth-about-tearing-up

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