A Revelation: Family Matters


A Simple Revelation

You know, yesterday, on Christmas Eve, God gave me a revelation.  It was simple but it was powerful for me.

christmas tree family

He said to me, “You know Cydnee, the reason there is so much heartache and sorrow around Christmas is because people don’t take the time to get together and share the same joy, special memories, food, and fun all year long. Then when Christmas comes around, expectations are SO HIGH, that the least little thing that does or does not happen can cause unnecessary heartache and suffering. If everyone would just have these special family/extended family get togethers several times throughout the year, this problem would solve itself.”

This makes so much sense to me.  When I was little, families did what we called “visiting”. Every Sunday, we would all get in the car (like it or not) and “go make a li’l round” (as my mom called it) at so and so’s house.

No phone calls or heads up necessary, we’d just pop over; and if they were home, we “got down” (a term my parents used for get out of the car and go inside) for a visit. Coffee (and sometimes a cookie or cake) was served on a tray, all the adults laughed and told stories, while the kids were usually bored to death (except for the snacks ;)).

family visits

Nevertheless in some way, shape, or form, fellowship was had by all.  Some of it was good, some not so good, but we communicated and shared our lives IN PERSON. What a concept!

In conclusion, what the Lord spoke to me, may not be a revelation to you, but it certainly resonated with me. So, I thought I’d share.

Family matters, especially on purpose, and in person.


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