Let’s Laugh


Years ago, I was an Image Consultant for BeautiControl Cosmetics.  I would store some of my inventory under the bathroom sink.  From time to time, I would pull out a NEW lipstick that had little teeth marks in it, or the top was bitten off of it.

Lauren was my toddler (about 2 years old). Obviously, she was the one getting into the cabinet under the sink and playing with my new lipsticks.  I just never caught her in the act, so I couldn’t scold her.

One day, I went in the bathroom, and she was comfortably sitting on the floor with the cabinet door opened. As soon as she saw me, she smiled really big and held up a lipstick for me.  It was so stinkin’ funny, I couldn’t even get mad at her.  She had drawn bright red circles around her mouth. It was in her hair, down her arms, hands and everywhere!

She was SO proud of herself.  This picture reminded me of that day.



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