Cajun Classics


The State Police Roadblock

Boudreaux and Thibodeaux was drivin’ down duh levee de udda dey engagin’ in they favorite pastime, drinkin’ beer. As they round duh turn, dey saw a State Police roadblock ahead, and Thibodeaux him, he says, “Boudreaux, if dem Troopers see us wid dis beer, dey gonna bust us.”

Boudreaux tells him, “Don’t worry Thib, we’ll just pull over right dere, finish our beers, peel de labels off de bottles, and stick dem on our foreheads, and throw de empty bottles in de ditch. Dey ain’t gonna know nuttin'”. Thibodeaux says, “Mais what dat’s gonna do ?” Boudreaux tells him, “You jus’ be quiet, an’ let me do de talkin’ .”

trooper road blockWhen they drive up to the roadblock, the first ting the Trooper asks is, “Hey! You fellas been drinkin’?” Boudreaux, pointing to his forehead, says, “Oh, no suh. We used to do dat, but now we on de patch !”


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