When the kids were little……


The Children Make Breakfast in Bed

Innnnnnn…. the Yellow Bowl

The BIG – Yellow Bowl


One Saturday morning while the hubby and I were “sleeping in”, it suddenly became apparent that the house was way too quiet. With 3 very active children under the age of 9, THIS was something to be concerned about.

We woke up just in time to see the door to our bedroom slowly open. All three children marched in, pushing each other this way and that. Each one trying to get ahead of the other as we hear them shout, “Stop!  Slow down!  No! You’re gonna spill it!  Wait!  Me first! Mommy, make him wait!”

With bated breath we watched the tussle continue, as our three little darlings in pajamas clung on to that same 1 tray, each one refusing to give way to the other. We braced ourselves as they struggled to make it to our bed with our breakfast.

“Oh yay!” we clapped!  A breakfast tray! (…….. with… some… super liquidy… something that may or may not be landing in our lap at any moment!)  Uh, ok, ok!  Yay!!

At this point, things were beginning to spilling a bit.  It was all I could do to NOT jump into the middle of a precarious balancing act with this 1 liquidy tray of ‘something’, so they could finish their surprise.  I was doing my absolute best to act happy and delighted, when the only thought repeatedly going through my mind was, “Not on my carpet, not on my carpet, not on my carpet”.

These precious babies made us our very own special breakfast in one – one of the BIG BIGGEST “family size” yellow Tupperware nesting bowls (from the 70’s) that we had. We could now see that it was full to the brim with Cheerios and milk.  Ok ok, the truth is……IT WAS AN ENTIRE BOX OF CHEERIOS AND A HALF GALLON OF MILK IN THAT BOWL!!!

Calming down, and now, trying so hard not to laugh, we hugged them and thanked them (balanced that tray), and raved about what a nice surprise this was for us. It was SO cute to see the pride and joy on their little faces about what they had just done. As we took our breakfast tray and sat it between us, they happily ran off to play.

After they ran off, with proud parent smiles on our faces, we began to dig into our breakfast.  As we simultaneously put our spoons down into the bowl, what do you think we pulled out but an entire WHOLE Banana!  We just busted out laughing, and now WE were the ones about to spill the tray!

As we were laughing, I thought, “Well, at least they peeled it first!”

Best breakfast EVAR 🙂


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