Cajun Classics


The Speed Limit

Thibodeaux and Boudreaux was driving down the Interstate yesterday, but Thibodeaux him, he was only driving about 10 miles an hour. Traffic was passing dem leff and right, 18 wheelers was swervin’ all ovah da place tryin’ to keep from slamming into dem, and dat traffic was a mess! 

traffic jam

A State Troopuh sittin’ near da ovahpass, saw dis, and proceed to pull Thibodeaux ovah. The Trooper ax Thibodeaux, “Thibodeaux! Why you goin’ so slow?” Thibodeaux reply, “Mais, Ossifer, I always drive de speed limit.  Look! Dere’s da sign right dere,… says “10”!

The Trooper says, “Thibodeaux, you big dummy! Das de highway sign! Dis is Innastate 10!”  

De Trooper looks in da car and notice Boudreaux shakin’ and sweatin’, and ax him what da problem is. Boudreaux say, “Boy, I sure wish you had stop us 10 minute ago when we was on highway 182!”


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