Want to know how to stimulate cell growth in your brain? (Part 4 of 8)


There are 7 scientifically proven ways to stimulate brain cell growth/neurogenesis.

(Part 4 of 8)

Taking Time for Meditation

meditationMeditation has always thought to have been beneficial for the brain. Recent compelling evidence from scientific researchers at Yale, Harvard, and Massachusetts Institute of Technology revealed that meditation can allow us to “grow bigger brains.” Though this isn’t the same thing as neurogenesis (process of new cell growth), meditation could very well be an activity that boosts the birth rate of neurons.

Researchers also discovered that meditators literally had an altered-physical brain structure compared to non-meditators. Brain scanning technology [i.e. MRIs] showed that meditation boosted thickness of brain structure dealing with attention, sensory input, and memory functions. The thickening was found to be more noticeable in adults than younger individuals. It’s interesting because the same sections of our cortex that meditation thickens, tend to get thinner as we age.

Meditation is known to boost brain activity, coherency of brain waves, strengthen neural connections, and thicken gray matter. Though scientists haven’t confirmed the effects of meditation and its ability to aid neurogenesis [due to complexity issues], there is a likely possibility that it helps.

Stay tuned!  Next up….. (Part 5 of 8) – “Antidepressant Drugs”

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4 thoughts on “Want to know how to stimulate cell growth in your brain? (Part 4 of 8)

    • Hithere! So I’m learning about meditation too. Here’s what works for me so far. Set a timer for about 5 minutes to start. Sit in a comfortable position, feet on the floor, eyes closed. Notice how your body feels in the chair. Feel your feet on the floor. Take a couple of deep relaxing breaths. Stay focused on your breath while you notice your body relaxing. Start relaxing your body from the head down, still focusing on your breath. Head, neck, shoulders, upper back, lower back, hips, etc. Thoughts will come and go. Just keep gently bringing your thoughts back to your breath. If you want, you can purposely imagine a relaxing place in your mind as you breathe and relax…see the place in your mind, breathe and relax, breathe and relax. Just keep doing this for 5 minutes or for as long as you want. When you are done, take a couple more deep relaxing breaths and gently bring your focus back to the room. There are meditation apps for your phone too that you can download from the app store. Hope this helps! Good luck!

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