Want to know how to stimulate cell growth in your brain? (Part 2 of 8)


There are 7 scientifically proven ways to stimulate brain cell growth/neurogenesis.

(Part 2 of 8)

An Exercise Regimen

Everybody knows that exercise is good for your overall health and heart, but in recent findings, powerful evidence has proven that exercise is great for your brain. Scientific experiments have discovered that mice consistently using running wheels had around 2x the amount of hippocampal neurons (brain cells) as the mice that didn’t exercise.

Another study at Colombia University found that humans who had a exercise training program were able to grow and maintain new brain cells and nerve cells in the hippocampus region of the brain. The specific area called the “dentate gyrus” (part of the hippocampal formation) is responsible for helping produce neurogenesis (new cell growth). Even more studies have discovered that those who exercised had 2 – 3x increases in the birth-rate of new neurons!

Stay tuned!  Next up….. (Part 3 of 8) – “Eating Blueberries”!

Be Well!

Cyd 🙂


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