Cajun Classics


Thibodeaux’s Mule

Thibodeaux owned a farm. He had an old mule he used to pull the plow in his fields. It was a good, hard-working mule, so he took real good care of it, even giving it a place to sleep in the barn. The only problem was, that every evening when he tried to put the mule into the barn for the night, the mule’s long ears would brush the top of the barn door, driving the mule nuts and causing him to kick at everything. cajunmule

In order to solve this problem, Thibodeaux decided to cut a larger opening at the top of the door, so the mule’s ears would not touch. As he was working on the door, his good friend Boudreaux happened by, and of course inquired as to what Thibodeaux was doing. Thibodeaux explained the problem, and Boudreaux suggested that he could save himself a lot of work by digging the entrance down a little to make the opening larger.

Thibodeaux replied, “Mais, you couyon, I done tole you it was because his ears are too long. Not his legs !”


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