Understanding your response to trauma (page 8 of 8) – Final post for this series.


Understanding your response to trauma (page 8 of 8)

  • Can medication help?
  • There are several medications that may be helpful in treating post-traumatic symptoms, but there is no single, consensus choice. For example, several of the anti-depressants may diminish your sleep disturbance, nightmares and flashbacks, even if you are not particularly depressed. Some drugs that are ordinarily used to lower blood pressure may help with startle responses and intense reliving experiences.
  • The class of anti-anxiety drugs called the benzodiazepines may also be useful as a short-term means of diminishing your symptoms and helping you sleep. Some of these choices may not be appropriate for you and others may have uncomfortable side effects. More than one drug trial or combinations of drugs may be necessary before you get satisfactory results.
  • A particular drug trial might require many weeks before its effectiveness can be evaluated. The choices should be discussed with your family physician or with a psychiatrist who specializes in treating patients with post-traumatic symptoms. It is especially important to consider medication if you are completely exhausted from lack of sleep or if you are developing significant depression.

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