Bright-Eyed Boundaries


I’m bright-eyed for tomorrow, as I observe my boundaries today,

It’s crucial to honor my physical space, without pushing others away.


Psychological boundaries are important to me, honoring my values, beliefs, and thoughts,

To choose what I put into my own mental space, is something that cannot be bought.

My personal space is mine to keep, and I don’t have to give it away,

It’s okay if others don’t understand, who knows, maybe they’ll figure it out someday.

boundaries - personal space

If someone in my life is around me, with their emotions all over the place,

I don’t need to ‘take them on’ as my own, as distress it will surely create.

There are certain people who can listen to me, AND show me that they care,

There are others who try to “fix me”, or sometimes they’re just unaware.

As I get to know myself more and more, I learn what I’m willing to share,

I give myself time to discern these things, as to who, what, how, when, and where.

My spiritual self is essential to me, and my God is always there.

No matter what anyone else believes, it’s good that ‘I know’ He cares.

I respect in others their spiritual beliefs, as they are not mine to judge,

Choosing to share mine, is my decision to make, and not try to get others to budge.

All of the aspects of myself, are as precious as they can be,

I fully embrace all of who I am, as it’s positive and good for me.

You see?

Dr. Seuss - You are youer than You


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