Live in the Moment


I’m so thankful to be “Here” now, “There” wasn’t very much fun,

There” was where my tears flowed, till the setting of the sun.

Here” is where I get to play, where my thoughts go to and fro,

There” was where thoughts took me hostage, refusing to let go.

Here” is where I’m loved, for being myself, inside and out,

There” I didn’t feel lovable, and almost always had self doubt.

Here” is where I meet the people, I know that I can trust,


There” is where I was on my guard, as self preservation was a must.

Now” lives in the present, not yesterday or tomorrow,

Swirling thoughts in my mind all at once, had brought me so much sorrow.

Now” is all I’m promised, marching to the beat of my own drum,

Now” lives in the moment, it determines who I’ll become.

Now” is where my truth is, it’s where I live to be,

It’s what God says about me, and the truth will set me free.

Everywhere” is a combo, of both “Here” and “There” and “Now”,

Everywhere” only God is present, and to Him we all shall bow.

No matter where I go “Now”, to try and get out of a jam,

Everywhere” I go, I can assure you, “There” I am.


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