A Big Reveal


Just looking at a beautiful picture of my garden in full bloom.

I’m reminded, Give your burdens to the Lord, and He will take care of you,

How grateful am I to have someone, like my husband, in my life,

To help me through the dark times when I am burdened by so much  strife.

It doesn’t have to be a spouse, necessarily, who can do these things for you,

Any “healthy” special someone in your life can also help you pull you through.

But the person closest to you that can help you in a bind,

Is guess who? Yourself!  Though sometimes that’s hard to find.

“Myself” you say? How so? And how do you figure that?”

The same person inside who can do you harm, can also enlighten your path!

“Enlighten my path, really?  Whatever do you mean”?

Examine things you say to yourself (judgements and all), and then totally come clean.

Once you come clean about your thoughts, and really understand,

It’s harder to go back to your old ways, because you’ve dealt yourself a new hand.

So do yourself a favor, and acknowledge what’s going on inside,

Now get ready and buckle up because you are surely in for a ride!!



3 thoughts on “A Big Reveal

  1. Beautiful dear Cydnee. Support, tears, guts, boot straps and more. Just grab them all and make it happen. Like the fresh, new flowers in your garden…your new life will unfold before your eyes.

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