Say it with Love



To communicate with someone it must surely start with love,

One of God’s commandments from high on up above.

You may have a very good point that you would like to make,

It’s just very hard to hear you, when you are so irate.

Loving communication is the key to understanding,

If you want people to “get it”, then you can’t be so demanding.

You can catch more flies with honey, the people always say,

Speaking out of anger just turns folks the other way.

There is a proper time and place where you can ‘let it fly’,

And speak out those old feelings that you carry deep inside.

Choose your words so carefully because words “do” hurt,

One day you may have to eat them, and they might surely taste like dirt.

If the words you say to others don’t leave a sweet taste in your mouth,

Then you probably shouldn’t have said them – no way – without a doubt.

The tongue is the part of the flesh that is the hardest part to tame,

Leave others feeling special, and to you they’ll do the same.

Speak kindly and be wise so you can walk in God’s favor,

Make sure the words you speak, are words that others want to savor.


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