The Mystery Of The Couch


by: Cydnee Green

My My My how depression looms
I don’t want to leave my living room
Would love to go out and just look at the moon
It’s just so much safer in my cocoon.

On my couch in the same old seat
Everything I need just within my reach
Fear and anxiety seem to grip my soul
Fear of being like this until I am old.

“Get out and get some exercise!”, people say
If they only understood what’s in my way
It may seem simple from where they sit
There must be something that I just don’t get.

I see other people getting so much done
Seems to deepen the depression – like I’m the only one
I really do love to laugh and have fun
I have short bursts, then it’s all gone gone.

I want so badly to see the day
When so many feelings don’t get in my way
Time stands still as things pass me by
Always questioning why why why.

“Please oh please stop hanging around!”
Silent depression – with no sound.
I’m so tired of asking, “Pease pray for me?”
What a gift some have, to just be free.

Free of all the pain that lingers inside
Yearning for the arms of others to open wide.
Hugs and words showing that they understand
What exactly it’s like to live in no man’s land.

It’s not that I focus on it every single day
It’s seemingly just there and doesn’t want to go away.
Other’s say to me, “Hey! Let’s go play!”
If I can pry myself from the couch, it can truly make my day!

The mind and the body can be mystical things
I just want to fly, like with angel wings
A lot of days it’s hard, to just go with the flow
Sitting on my couch, I still don’t know…..


6 thoughts on “The Mystery Of The Couch

  1. Very well and beautifully written Cydnee. Our world was not created overnight. Just a little bit at a time. One little grain of sand became giant dunes in the Sahara and soft sands around our world curving along shorelines for lovers and family to enjoy. One bird sang one song. It gave a second bird a musical idea and she tweeted a song back. A little baby took one step. And he fell. But he got back up and took that one step again.It worked. Then he tried two steps. Worked. Tried three steps. Fell again. But he got back up. One grain. One tweet. One step.

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